AIRFLEET RESOURCES acts as the exclusive air trading department for numerous airlines, banks, and leasing companies world-wide, and conducts finance related negotiations on behalf of commercial airlines.

AIRFLEET RESOURCES' experienced staff is dedicated to:

  • Tracking aircraft trading opportunities and market conditions via direct, unrelenting research

  • Constantly seeking innovative and more economical way to finance aircraft

  • Maximizing the economic utility of aging aircraft for owner's benefit

  • Actively creating new uses for aging aircraft via creative, cooperative ventures

  • Maintaining perpetual relationships with hundreds of aircraft operators, owners, and financiers

  • Utilizing the latest technology to enable seamless communications, globally


  • Anonymity and steadfast protection of interests

  • Comprehensive market acumen

  • Administrative management

  • Flexibility and corporate efficiency due to outsourcing benefits

  • Technical knowledge and expertise

  • Financial savvy and wherewithal





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