Commercial Aircraft Owners and Investors

AIRFLEET RESOURCES Offers Services to Commercial Aircraft Owners and Investors – Including:

– All Aspects of Modern and Professional Commercial Aircraft Management, including:
– Redeployment in multiple and varied forms:

  • Dry-lease out marketing, or finance lease / lease-to-purchase scenarios.

  • For outright sale to airlines, other investors, other lessors, or parts companies with defined delivery conditions, or “as is”.

  • For outright sale, with lease in place to maximize value.

  • For obtaining highest part-out / salvage bids possible.

– Lease oversight including rent collection and maintenance oversight.
– Portfolio management services including monitoring value and risk.
– Maximization of value upon lease expiry, phase-out or retirement, including:

  • The conducting of analyses of highest value plan for each specific aircraft, depending on its maintenance status. Options to explore:

  •  Analyze and arrange lease-out of the aircraft to another airline.

  • Check demand from lessors, investors, or other airlines, or engine lessors and parts companies for purchase price indications/sales leads development.

  • Marketing oversight and negotiating best commercial term for path chosen.

– Portfolio sale of aircraft with leases in place to other investors.
– Transaction Origination services regarding aircraft investments to qualified investors.
– Arrange Forward sale /purchase of residual value interest.
– Constantly seek innovative and more economical ways to refinance debt on owned aircraft from traditional and non-traditional sources.